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August 08, 2007



Turning up, yeah ok.

Winning, phew! I hope not. How embarassing would that be?


hey Bill - thanks for your visit. you have a cool blog sir.

am i getting mixed up? there was some controversy about some companies fielding ringers. can't remember where I saw it, maybe at yours.

I agree, us Fakes, (as you see by my post - I'm probably a fake fakenger - they'll come for me), don't have it in the legs.

cheers for dropping by, keep it up.


Well, if you're talking about the Smithfield Nocturne, then, no. Only one company fielded a team, all 'real'. And the other teams were all 'real' messengers or exengers. Tho quite what the difference between a fakenger and an exenger is, I am not sure.

Going back at least 17 years, the two Courier Crits at the Kellogs Tour and the Pru Crit WERE infiltrated by ringers. But we sniffed em out. And they didn't win either.

Anyway, thanks for the props, nice post.

Jack is such a buffoon, I think he should be standing for Mayor. After all, he is well-known broadcaster and journalist, rides a bike, went to public school... what do you think?

www.jackformayor.org? Now that gives me an idea...


There is something timeless about tweed. Many consider Harris Tweed to be an ancient cloth but it was really first created around 1844.

Sadly the Harris Tweed industry is in severe difficulties which is a great shame as tweed is once again a popular material and looks excellent when used by the likes of Chanel

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